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Siebdruck Transfer: Pro Gallery


from 25 pc.

Screen print transfer is comparable with traditional screen print.
The difference is that the screen print goes not direct on the garmet, but rather printed side-inverted on a special transfer paper.
Afterwards the fresh ink will be interspersed with an adhesive powder, which sticks to the ink. The freshly interspersed transfer sheet is now going thru a dryer to gel the adhesive powder.
But what do you need a screen print transfer for?
Screen print transfers got a the big advantage to be stockable. If you have an onlineshop with printed shirts for example, you don't have to produce hundreds of shirts in hope you'll going to sell em all.
You can easily stock your transfers and print on demand when there is an order. Another field of application is workwear or periodic grafics in small runs. Also with hard to print spots which are not applicable by direct screen print to garmet, such as
Anything to keep in mind?
To get a much better washing fastness we do print a quite thick layer of adhesive which is approximately 1mm bigger than the print and might be visible. Especialy with thin grafics it is more than neseccary, because they tend to crack quite fast.


 Suitable for the following applications
- school leavin shirts
- merchandise
- band shirts
- club shirts
- workwear
- on-demand prints
- periodic graphics in small runs

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