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from 25 pc.

This printing method is giving us the possibilty to print multicolored grafics in screen printing quality and durability. We just need an imagefile like a jpg with a minimum resolution of 127 dpi.
A photoshop file like *.psd is even better. After we prepared the artwork for the final print, the textile will be placed into the direct to garmet printing machine.

Now the printing head starts to move over the textile and printing the artwork, comparable with your printer at home, just on a shirt instead of paper.On dark garmets it is necessary to print a white underbase to make the colors pop, equal to the screen printing process.


 supported file and print requirements
- preferably photoshop files *.psd
- or any other image files like *.jpg, *.eps, *.tiff, *.pdf, *.ai
- mind. 127 dpi
- CMYK colour space

suitable for
- multicolored grafics, photos
- grafics with details and gradients
- test prints

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