from 25 pc.

Digital printed heat transfer vinyl is a hybrid technique between digital printing and heat transfer vinyl.
The printing plotter is printing the grafic on (mostly) white heat transfer vinyl.
Afterwards the the information within the vector file controls a small knife on the cutting plotter.
This knife cuts into a very razor-thin foil, consisting of a self-adhesive carrier and a dyed foil.
After the grafic is cutted into the foil, the foil has to be weeded.

That means that the surplus material has to be removed.
When the foil is weeded, the textile will be layed down on the heat press and the foil will be positioned properly.
After the foil is positioned, the heat press will be closed.
While under heat and pressure, the adhesive layer of the vinyl starts melting and connecting the dyed foil with the textile fibers.

Flock foil got a fluffy fiber layer besides the adhesive layer. In the end of the day it's just another foil you put into the cutting plotter. The procedere remains the same.
Not very often, but available is flock via screen print.

Suitable for the following applications:
- same logo on differnt textile materials such as softshell jacket, hoodies, shirts
- multicolored logos on the chest
- grafics with gradiends
- lettering with gradiends and conturs